The Team
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Director working with the young actors on their dialogs.


The Team is a short film about kids in Singapore who loves soccer, in regardless of race or background. Set in the 90s, when our national football team is made up of multi- racial players that bring glory to Singapore as a nation. It’s not about who we are, but what are we that matter.

“The Team” is about harmony and faith. We grew up as a nation of individuals from different backgrounds working towards a common goal. Where even family members have differences of opinions; our Singaporean identity which is made up of different races makes it even harder for homogeneity.

As football is Singapore’s favourite sport and pastime, it acts an universal language to pull us closer together. Known as a cosmopolitan country, football has the ability to translate our differences into a power of the united people. Although most people don’t know that Singapore is made up of people with diverse races and countries of origin, it is evident through historical records that whenever we encounter a crisis, Singaporeans always stand united as one to overcome every obstacles.

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